Occupational qualification

Occupational qualification The occupational qualification is a combination of the external assessment specifications and aspects of the curriculum and is generated by the occupational qualification capturing tool. Where applicable, the occupational qualification will also reflect associated part qualifications. The preparation of the occupational qualification is the responsibility of the QDF. Even though most fields will be populated (by the occupational qualification capturing tool), some items from the process report (generated by the DQP) must be included by the QDF in the qualification. This includes the registered qualifications to be replaced,…

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50334 OD ETDP Qualification

This qualification ( 50334 – National Certificate: Occupationally Directed Education Training and Development Practices¬† Click here to see the copy on the SAQA website.) is for those who want to build on a FETC in any field to enter the field of OD ETDP as a potential career, and have little or no previous exposure to ETD. The qualification will also be valuable for those who may have been practicing within the field, but without formal recognition. Include all learning material, registration, verification, venue and catering. Enrollment for this qualification…

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