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QCTO Code of Conduct for Development Quality Partners (DQP) and Assessment Quality Partners (AQP)

The QCTO Code of Conduct for Development Quality Partners (DQP) and Assessment Quality Partners (AQP) We, the undersigned, wish to be appointed by the QCTO as a DQP/AQP. We agree that, if the QCTO delegates such functions to us, we hereby commit ourselves to abide by the QCTO’s Code of Conduct in relation to all our work. The Code of Conduct to which we agree is as follows: i.      promoting the objectives of the NQF; ii.      dealing   fairly,   professionally   and   equitably   with   stakeholders   whilst accelerating the redress of past unfair discrimination; iii.      consulting  with  all  relevant  stakeholders  that  have  an  interest  in  the development and assessment of occupational qualifica[...]


How to make more money as a Freelancers

Although it may be difficult to decide on how much to initially charge when you start as a freelancer, there is a way to ensure your skills and time carry weight. Remember, the more valuable your work and skills are, the more money you can ask for.
Get the relevant qualification(s)
There’s a difference between calling yourself a photographer and actually studying to become a photographer, for example. If you would like to make money from a hobby, like photography, get the relevant qualification for the job. Without anything to back up your skills and your fee, people would wonder about the quality of your work. Do yourself and your career a favour and become qualified before putting yourself out there.

Don’t settle for being ordinary
Doing something a little extra for your clients could count in your favour in the long term. Try doing little bits of work for free, submit your work a few days before deadline or suggest cost-effective alternatives for projects. Your clients will soon see you as part of the family; someone who is interested in more than just making a quick buck. They’ll then want to use you for more projects and possibly refer you to their contacts. Consider the long term when trying to build up a client database.

Be professional – it’s your business
If you’re considering going freelance, you have to think as a professional businessman/woman. You’re building a business and a brand that your potential clients must be able to trust and rely on. Act professionally and stay in touch with clients. Nothing screams unreliable more than someone who does not respond to emails or answer phone calls. You have to perfect your client service skills and always be mindful of how your brand is being represented. Satisfied clients will recommend you to their contacts, friends and family, and before you know it, you’ll have a wide network of happy, paying clients, which equals more cash in your bank.