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What are Qualification Assessment Specifications - QAS

The AQP will set the national standards to ensure validity and consistency of the external   summative   assessment.  The   QAS  form   an   integral   part   of   every occupational qualification and are developed for each occupational qualification and outline and record the following information: Title of occupational qualification; Curriculum reference number; Name and details of the AQP; External assessment strategy; Key occupational outcomes; The point(s) at which the qualification must be assessed (allowing for production cycle if required); Critical  identified  elements  of  ‘internal  assessment’  to  be  externally moderated (if any); Eligibility requirements for candidates for exter[...]


Exempted Micro Enterprice or EME

Entities with a turnover of below R5 million annual per annum as classified as Exempted Micro Enterprises (“EMEs”), and are exempt from the provisions of BEE. Accordingly they will not need to adjust their businesses in any manner and are already fully BEE compliant as follows:

EMEs are automatically deemed to be:
Level 3 contributors if they are more than 50% owned by black persons.
Level 4 contributors if they are less than 50% owned by black persons.

EMEs may however elect to use a QSE/Generic scorecard should they wish, and are required to do if they are tendering for a public contract above R5M/R35M in value.

An EME certificate from a verification agency, your auditor or accounting officer is sufficient proof of an entities qualification as an EME.

Note: The following entity types have adjusted EME thresholds:

• Entities measured under the Tourism Sector Charter with a turnover of below R2.5 million per annum
• Estate Agents/Brokers measured under the Property Sector Charter with a turnover of below R2.5 million per annum.
• Built Environment Professional under the Construction Sector Charter with a turnover of below R1.5 million per annum.

Start-up enterprises are measurable as EME’s for the first 12 months following their formation or incorporation, regardless of the expected total revenue of the start-up
• In instances where such start-up enterprises tender for any contract with a value higher than R5 million but less than R35 million, they have to comply with the QSE scorecard.
• In instances where such start-up entities tender for contracts with a value above R35 million they have to comply with the generic scorecard