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What are Qualification Assessment Specifications - QAS

The AQP will set the national standards to ensure validity and consistency of the external   summative   assessment.  The   QAS  form   an   integral   part   of   every occupational qualification and are developed for each occupational qualification and outline and record the following information: Title of occupational qualification; Curriculum reference number; Name and details of the AQP; External assessment strategy; Key occupational outcomes; The point(s) at which the qualification must be assessed (allowing for production cycle if required); Critical  identified  elements  of  ‘internal  assessment’  to  be  externally moderated (if any); Eligibility requirements for candidates for exter[...]

Customer Service

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Customer Service Training

You never get a second chance at a first impression. That’s why excellent customer service and sales teams are vital to not only get customers in the door, but to ensure repeat custom.
In today’s economy, your skills as a customer service or sales professional could be the difference between average and exceptional growth in your workplace. A winning attitude means that you believe a business is built one relationship at a time, you take the time to plan your success and you don’t accept failure but instead see opportunity around every corner.
Why stop at being ‘good’ when you can be ‘great’? Invest in our training and discover how our committed team of customer service and sales facilitators will not only help you achieve and/or build on a successful career in customer service or sales, but will inspire you to be super!


  • Course Description: Customer Service
  • Accredited:  NO. The training provider and the facilitators is however accredited, but not this course.
  • Duration: 2 day
  • Hidden fees: None
  • Certificate: Certificate of attendance unless otherwise stated.
  • Activities/Assessment: Learners are required to apply skills and knowledge obtained on the course in the workplace. The facilitator will incorporate 70% practicality by means of examples, activities and role-plays during the contact session. Learners will receive a learner guide which will guide them thorough the process.


Currently we have the following supporting structures in place for our members:

  • Telephone support.
  • Contact Detail –
    • Cell. 0825507946 Tel. 0867227014 English, Tel. 0318115749 English/Zulu.
  • Helpdesk – – 7 days a week (integrated email and sms notifications).
  • Members private forum with model answers to all  activities including JOB opportunities.
  • Check-out our reviews:


Programme consist of the following key areas:

  1. What is a Customer
  2. Internal and External Customer Service -Basic Principles of Customer Service
  3. Customer Service Importance
  4. Customer Service impact on your organisation.
  5. Customer Service Needs
  6. Annoying habits to avoid
  7. Confidentiality -Personal Presentation
  8. Behavior
  9. Greeting the Customer
  10. Assisting Customers over Language Barriers
  11. Customer Expectations
  12. Body Language
  13. Detecting if someone is lying
  14. Effective Communication
  15. Ten Commandments of Customer Service
  16. Range of Customers
  17. Range of Complaints
  18. Dealing with Customer Complaints
  19. Written Complaints
  20. Understanding Cultural Differences
  21. Foreign Cultures.
  22. Verbal and non-verbal communication with customers.
  23. Interaction with customers using appropriate communication.
  24. South African Cultural Groups
  25. Non-verbal and verbal elements.
  26. Culture and customs
  27. International Tourist Groups
  28. Preventing cultural misunderstandings.
  29. Cultural Differences
  30. Learning to value cultural differences.
  31. Definition of Culture
  32. Problems with different cultures working tougher.
  33. How to improve multi-cultural communication.
  34. South Africa’s 9 Provinces
  35. Languages
  36. The People and Languages
  37. South Africa’s Official Language


  • Newly hired customer service representatives
  • Experienced customer service representatives
  • Call coordinators and service dispatchers


  • Minimum of 14 days workplace experience in the workplace. (part time or full time)
  • Basic communication skills (English = reading and writing skills on a NQF level 1 (Grace 8 or higher))
  • Able to attend the contact session and any of our workshops offered.

Learner preparation for the contact session (Classroom Training)


  • Attending the full contact session. (Classroom Session)
  • Copy of ID document
  • Pen and paper.


  1. Enrol as a learner with Trainyoucan by completing the application form.
  2. Attend the contact session with Trainyoucan.
  3. We provide you with all the learning material that you need.
  4. Certification (Attendance) on completion.


We offer corporate packages on site to reduce the cost and make training more affordable. Our corporate packages work as follows:

  1. You provide the venue – you safe money!
  2. We provide the Facilitator – you only pay the daily Facilitator rate!
  3. Set price per manual and certificate or each person attending.
  4. Deposit 50% required as confirmation of the course and 50% on completion (last day).

Terms of agreement:

  • The employer provide the venue.
    • Where possible we require we request U-Shape or Boardroom style.
    • Employer to indicate if flipchart is available. (TRAINYOUCAN will provide where not possible)
  • The employer provide refreshments (teas on arrival, morning and afternoon) – Where not possible TRAINYOUCAN will make arrangements.
  • Catering – this is totally dependent on the employer/organisations internal policies and procedures.
  • Session start: All sessions will be starting 8h30 in the morning until 16h00 unless otherwise communicated.
  • TRAINYOUCAN will provide an SETA Accredited Facilitator with the scope to deliver the required programmes for the duration of the course.
  • Maximum of 12 delegates per class requested.
  • Request brief outline or training needs/gap from the employer/organisation to assist Facilitators in addressing special needs during the training sessions.
  • Bookings and arrangements can be confirmed directly with the Facilitators however all bookings and payments will be accepted on a valid invoice from our accounts department.
  • Payment Request: Strictly on invoice only!