Occupational responsibilities

More than one responsibility can be identified for each product or service. This will specifically be required to allow for developmental responsibilities.

Developmental responsibilities refer to clusters of practical skills at lower levels of complexity which must be acquired during the occupational learning process. Developmental responsibilities can be seen as building blocks and can also be used for part qualifications.

For each occupational responsibility a practical skill module will be developed. The occupational responsibility will be reflected as the title of the practical skill module. It must be remembered that each occupational responsibility reflects a number of practical skills and each practical skill will again be broken down into a number of practical activities

Process Question

With regard to each identified product and service, ask:

  • “What are the responsibilities in relation to each product or service?”
  • “What are the building blocks that form a subset of, or that are required to produce, each identified product or service?”
  • “What must be done in terms of each product or service?”
  • “Are there any responsibilities specifically related to environmental issues and/or natural resources?

Note: Often practical skills and even practical activities are given instead of occupational responsibilities. The facilitator must nevertheless keep a record of all inputs and then ask the question:

  • “Which inputs can be clustered together and what statement summarises a set skills to be reflected as a module title?”





Not thisBut rather this
Ensure compliance within the regulatory and legislative frameworks for airports and harbours.

·    “Ensure” is a generalised term which does not describe the actual activity to be learned

Determine/assess/verify/monitor regulatory and legislative compliance of …


Identify and respond to regulatory and legislative non-compliances

Receive, weigh and sort flock, yarn or fabric for dying or bleaching”.

·    These activities will appear as individual skills within the module.

Prepare flock, yarn or fabric for dying or bleaching.
Maintain pump

·    This gives the impression that only one type of pump will be maintained.

Maintain pumps

·     This allows for practical skills relating to various types of pumps.

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